There’s nothing more enticing than a bakery in the morning. And in Blue Island, the bakery where people get the freshest variety and fastest service is Molino Bakery.


This family-owned business is a favorite way to start the day with some of its freshly ground, hot coffee and a delicious fresh pastry. Folks go to Molino Bakery because no one does it better when it comes to delivering the kind of speedy service that people expect from a family bakery.


Even though Molino Bakery, 13030 S. Western Ave., opens every morning at 5 a.m. (6 a.m. on Sundays), morning isn’t the only time that folks stop by because this full-service bakery has it all.


Serving the community for 24 years, Molino Bakery offers a large variety of Hispanic, American and European pastries, cakes and artisan breads, and it has built a reputation for high quality and only the freshest ingredients.


The bakery features 15 showcases displaying the many varieties of pastries, which are all self-serve, making shopping for a morning treat at Molino Bakery quick and convenient.


Molino Bakery offers all varieties of cakes for any occasion. Fondant, Tres Leches, butter cream and whip cream cakes are its specialty. The staff said that Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing is becoming a favorite choice among customers now. Also, the

popularity of fondant with customers has increased dramatically as a result of the many current TV cooking/food shows that now feature this type of icing that is used to decorate cakes.


Every day the smell of fresh baked bread fills the air at Molino Bakery as the staff prepares all the breads that are baked fresh that morning. They make everything from French breads, dinner rolls to even their very popular (and the staff’s personal favorite) pretzel


And while great service and delicious baked goods have made the bakery a success for nearly a quarter century, its most important ingredient is one that can only come from a long family tradition of hard work and dedication to the customer.


Owner Jonathan Gorajski takes pride in carrying on the family tradition of this good old-fashioned bakery. He grew up in a bakery business that was run by an old-school businessman—his father.


“He was very hard to live with as he expected us to be at work with him when we were old enough,” Jonathan said. “At home he was our dad, but at work he was our boss.”


He learned hard work and the secrets of operating a successful bakery from his father. He worked during his school years and helped build the family business.


Jonathan recalled getting his drivers license and expecting his dad to be equally excited about the achievement. "The only response I got from him was that I would be starting the delivery route on Monday,” he said with a smile.


Jonathan took the business seriously, and he also studied at the world-renowned San Francisco Baking Institute.


In 2007 he took over the responsibility of the bakery business from their father, and he used the experience and knowledge he provided them to continue the success of Molino Bakery. He went  on to do bigger, better and greater things in the bakery, and the community has responded with their continued support.


Molino Bakery delivers its breads and sweets to a large number of restaurants and stores all across the Chicago area, the suburbs and northwest Indiana.

Despite the bakery’s growth, Jonathan still proud to be part of the Blue Island business community.


“Blue Island is very special to our family,” Jonathan said. “We grew up here, went to school here and work here every day. Blue Island has a lot of places to visit that I think not a lot of people know about. Western Avenue is a great place to eat, shop and enjoy scenery.”


And Molino Bakery will continue to be the best place for local residents to start the day or celebrate the day with something truly delicious: a treat from the local bakery.


For more information about Molino Bakery or to place an order, call  (708) 385-6616. Visit us on Facebook at Facebook.com/molinobakery.

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