One of the best parts of any wedding is definitely the cake. The wedding cake is an important part of the reception and symbolizes so much more than just a tasty dessert. Although you may think it is just a cake – your wedding cake will, in fact, be the centerpiece of your wedding reception. The eyes of all your guests will automatically rivet to the layers of cream, frosting and sugar with which you will cap the evening by cutting for all to share.


     So, when you are choosing your wedding cake, you have to make sure that it not only matches the style and theme of your wedding and reception, but that it is a proper reflection of you as a couple. Choosing a wedding cake is probably one of the most enjoyable things about marriage planning, but it can take time to find just the right cake and just the right person to create it. The significant role that cakes play in a wedding is why they should be chosen with care. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a wedding cake:


  • Order your cake at least four months before your wedding to ensure that it can be delivered in time.


  • Finalize the number of servings needed. Until this is determined, you will not know what size wedding cake to order. Do not include the top tier in your count; traditionally this is saved for the first anniversary celebration.


  • Your perfectly crafted wedding cake will be put together just as carefully as your entire wedding! Thus, rarely any wedding cake will carry the same cost. Prices will very according to size, type of cake, filling, frosting, delivery and plate deposits. Do not worry, we will find your perfect Wedding Cake, no matter your budget!



  • Determine the size, particular style and colors of your wedding cake.
  • Choose your flavor of the cake and filling. Choose either one of our Fresh Fruit Fillings or one of our 20 custom fillings.

Cake Flavors:

Yellow, Chocolate, Marble, Red Velvet, Carrot and Cheesecake

Fresh Fruit Fillings:

Strawberry*, Pineapple, Banana*, Peach, Raspberry and Cherry.

Custom Cream Fillings:

Oreo Cookie*, Tiramisu, Cannoli*, German Chocolate, Mousse, Dulce de Leche, plus many more...

* = popular favorite

  • Choose Butter-cream, Whipped Cream, Rolled Fondant and Chocolate Fudge.


  • Do any of these sound tasty to you? If you would like to come in and set up an appointment for a tasting, please call and ask to speak to a bakery manager about a “Wedding Cake Taste Sampling."

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